15 Best Things to do in Valencia with Kids

15 Best Things to do in Valencia with Kids

Valencia is a city packed with fun and adventure for the whole family. As the third largest city in Spain, after Barcelona and Madrid, Valencia offers various activities to keep the kids entertainedBarcelona and Madrid. From theme parks to museums, Valencia has something for everyone.

Join us as we explore the best things to do in Valencia with kids in this exciting blog post!

1. City of Arts and Sciences

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The City of Arts and Sciences is a must-see attraction for families visiting Valencia. This complex of buildings, designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, is home to a planetarium, an opera house, and an interactive science museum.

The planetarium offers shows and lectures on astronomy and space science, while the opera house hosts performances of classical music and opera. The science museum, called the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, features hands-on exhibits and interactive displays that make learning about science fun for kids.

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2. La Malvarrosa Beach

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Valencia is located on the Mediterranean coast, so it's a great place to take a trip to the beach. The beaches are clean and well-maintained, and plenty of facilities are available, such as showers, toilets, and beach bars. The kids will love playing in the sand and swimming in the sea. If you're feeling adventurous, you can also try water sports like windsurfing or kitesurfing.

The beach that draws the most visitors in Valencia is La Malvarrosa, located closest to the city. Indulge in ice cream, leisurely walk along the sea, or learn to sail- Valencia's beaches are brimming with activities sure to delight you!

3. Bioparc Valencia

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Bioparc Valencia is a zoo focusing on conservation and animal welfare. Its visitors can see species worldwide, including lions, giraffes, and monkeys.

The zoo is set up so that the animals are kept in enclosures that mimic their natural habitats as closely as possible, making for a more immersive and educational experience. The park also offers a variety of interactive activities for children, such as animal feedings, workshops, and guided tours.

Not only does this zoo offer an immersive and educational experience for children, but it also features a beautifully designed seating area complete with a playground.

Take a break from the excitement and indulge in a delicious meal or a refreshing coffee surrounded by nature's beauty.

The impeccable service, top-notch organization, and the opportunity to observe a diverse array of animals all come together to create a truly unforgettable day for you and your kids.

4. The Historic Center

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Valencia's historic center is a great place to explore with kids. You can visit the Cathedral of Valencia, home to the Holy Grail, and the Central Market, where you can sample local foods and drinks.

The Colón Market is also a must-visit; it's a modernist architectural building with a glass roof and an impressive clock tower; it has many food stalls selling everything from fresh produce to seafood.

The kids will love the colorful sights and sounds of the market, and you can pick up some souvenirs to take home with you.

5. Parque Gulliver

This enormous play park, shaped like a giant stylized Gulliver, is a hit with kids and adults alike. Climb and slide on the various slides and stairways tucked into the massive structure and within the creases of its clothing. The park's enormous "sleeping colossus" is so giant that even the strands of Gulliver's hair have been turned into slides.

The towering hat of Gulliver sits off to the side of the playground as if it were casually dropped, adding an extra touch of realism. In an exciting twist, a miniature replica of the recumbent Gulliver park is also on display, allowing visitors to get a bird's-eye view of the playground's layout.

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6. Oceanogràfic

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The Oceanogràfic is one of the largest aquariums in Europe and features a wide variety of marine life, including dolphins, sharks, and sea lions. The aquarium is divided into different areas, each representing a diverse marine environment, such as the Mediterranean, the Arctic, and the Antarctic.

The kids will love seeing the different animals and learning about their habitats, and there are plenty of interactive displays and hands-on activities to keep them engaged.

Imagine dining amidst the mesmerizing dance of aquatic creatures as you savor the flavors of your meal in an underwater restaurant. A feast for the senses, where the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants surround you. A unique experience not to be missed.

7. Turia Gardens

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Turia Gardens is a large park that runs through the city and features playgrounds, gardens, and sports facilities. The park is excellent for a walk or bike ride; the kids will love exploring the different areas and seeing the other plants and animals.

There are also playgrounds and sports areas where they can burn off some energy and picnic areas where you can stop for a snack.

8. Museo de Bellas Artes

Museo de Bellas Artes is a great place to take the kids if they are interested in art. The museum has a collection of works by famous Valencian painters and other Spanish artists, including Joaquín Sorolla, Francisco de Goya, and Diego Velázquez.

The museum has a special section for kids, where they can learn about art and painting in a fun and interactive way. They can also try to create their masterpieces in the museum's art workshops.

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9. Enjoy the Local Food

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Eating out is a great way to experience the local culture, and the kids will love trying new foods and drinks. Valencia is famous for its Paella Valenciana, a rice, vegetables, and meat or seafood dish. Horchata, a sweet, cold drink made from tiger nuts, is another must-try.

10. Las Fallas

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Valencia is famous for its festivals and events all year round, especially "Las Fallas," an annual festival in March. During this festival, giant sculptures and effigies are built and displayed throughout the city and set on fire at the end of the festival.

There are also other festivals like the "Feria de Julio" and "La Tomatina," which are great for families to experience. Check the schedule of events and plan your visit accordingly.

11. The Hemisfèric

The Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias is home to a truly remarkable building. Its design, modeled after an eye, is mirrored in the surrounding pool. But the real magic happens inside, where you'll find a state-of-the-art movie theater boasting IMAX and 3D technology. Imagine experiencing films and documentaries with your kids in a way that immerses you in the story. This is an experience not to be missed.

At the Hemisfèric, your kids can embark on a thrilling journey through the world of dinosaurs and other captivating themes. At the same time, you relax in the luxurious comfort of the cinema room's armchairs. And, if you're looking for an indoor activity during a rainy day in Valencia, the Hemisfèric is a perfect choice.

12. LEGO® Fun Factory

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The Lego Fun Factory is located in Valencia, specifically in the Aqua Multispace Shopping Center. A space for fun and games, it is open to the public permanently and free of charge. 250 square meters in size, it is divided into two different areas.

This is the ultimate playground for kids of all ages, where they can let their imagination run wild with thousands of Lego bricks in a spacious and perfectly adapted space. And the fun doesn't stop there - every three months, we shake things up and introduce new themes and surprises, so there's always something new to discover.

But that's not all! In this amazing space, you'll also find an official Lego video game zone, giant pools filled with Lego bricks, a Lego Friends karaoke area, a Lego City construction zone, and much more.

13. Fun Jump Trampoline Park

Located 7 km out of the city center, the Fun Jump is a destination that offers an hour of trampoline jumping fun for children. Access to the Fun Jump is welcomed for children aged 3 and above. Areas have been provided for younger children, while older children have access to areas such as the climbing and Challenge sections.

Basketball can also be enjoyed using the trampolines and jumping into a pool filled with foam cubes. Swimming out of the pool takes energy, but it is an enjoyable experience.

14. Tourist Bus Tour in Valencia

Experience the essence of Valencia with a tour bus, the ultimate symbol of comfort and convenience. Glide through the streets, hopping on and off at 17 stops to craft your own bespoke sightseeing journey. With a ticket valid for the entire day, make the most of your time and immerse yourself in the city's best sights and attractions.

15. Traffic Park "La Canaleta"

Visiting the "La Canaleta" Traffic Children's Park is a must for both schools and families. If you don't know what to do with children in Valencia, this is the perfect opportunity for your kids to learn about the risks and responsibilities of the road.

In this traffic park, children and teenagers will understand their duties as users of public roads - whether as pedestrians, passengers, or drivers - and will be made aware of the risks of circulation, all while having fun outdoors.

FAQ Section

Is Valencia a family-friendly destination?

Valencia is considered a family-friendly destination, offering a variety of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages. Some popular family-friendly activities in Valencia include visiting the City of Arts and Sciences, exploring the historic center, and visiting the Oceanogràfic, the largest oceanographic park in Europe.

What activities are suitable for teens in Valencia?

Valencia is an excellent destination for teenagers, offering a variety of activities that will keep them entertained. One of the most popular attractions for teens is the City of Arts and Sciences, a complex of futuristic buildings that houses several museums, an opera house, and an IMAX theater.

Are there any free admission options for children in Valencia?

Valencia offers free admission for children to popular attractions such as the City of Arts and Sciences, where the Hemisfèric, Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe, and the Umbracle are free for children under 14, and the LEGO® Fun Factory, which also offers free admission for children under a certain age.

Is Valencia a safe city?

Valencia is generally considered to be a safe city for tourists. Crime rates in the city are relatively low, and visitors can usually feel safe walking around during the day and night. However, as with any major city, it is always a good idea to take precautions to protect yourself and your belongings, such as keeping valuables out of sight and being aware of your surroundings.

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